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    The game also has an excellent arrangement of weaponry, each of which seems to be well balanced. Various weapons have different firing modes too allowing you to use ammo sparingly (which is vital as ammo for the better weapons isn�t lying all over the place). For some of the harder enemies such as the creatures you get rockets and shotguns, but it doesn�t end there. You also get to take out the vehicles in the game as well when fighting, more on that in a minute. There are also a number of grenades that you can make use of as well, these are things like frag and smoke grenades, these are pretty important when you want to get out of a fire fight.
    Now the vehicles, there are quite a few that you can take control of in the game, from jeeps to hand gliders, each vehicle has a unique feeling and it�s always fun to come driving along and smash into various soldiers who are on patrol and who only see you for a few seconds before they go flying off in the air. There are problems with the vehicles though, they are quite hard to control both in the first and third person views due to the difficultly of seeing through the trees and that the mouse movement just isn�t as quick as it should be.

    Praise must be given to CryTek for the environment they have put you into, when you compare it to other outdoor first person shooters there is little comparison due to the open-ended style that has been created, there are never any walls to stop you going into an area, there are always different ways to get to positions across the islands, it all feels fresh. There are, however a few niggles, you can�t really destroy the environment you are in bar glass and canisters that are lying around. Yes a few small houses can fall down, but it�s nothing special, you do tend to notice that you can�t destroy trees though.
    The also has one of those like/hate/don�t care about save systems where it will save the game at set checkpoints, this is all well and good for of us who like to get the most out of a game instead of quick saving all the time, but I can see why a game that encourages you to explore will only save at certain places. The game also has a number of sound problems (at least for me) where sometimes when you load the game, it won�t have full sound, it�s a problem relates to your Windows speaker setup, as the game likes to change it.
    Believe me though; these small problems don�t get in the way of what is an excellent title. There are so many moments when you feel something special.

    Graphics & Sound
    I�ve already gone on about how good the actual gameplay is in Far Cry, but it�s the graphic engine that has become the most talked about part of the game on the internet. Far Cry is beautiful, it has a massive 1-kilometer viewing distance, something that I can only remember Giants coming close to a while back. Far Cry is full of plants, trees, great lighting, particle effects and more, it is easily the best looking game engine out right now. Having an engine like this means that the game style is perfect for it as it gives you lots of hiding places.
    Sound is excellent (when it works for me!), wish some great music that is played dynamically depending on what is going on at the time. The voices are well acted, but not all of them fit into the feeling the game gives out visually, not every soldier in the world talks like a

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    defalarca verildi ve oyun çalışmıyor bizzat ben denedim..

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