Chivalry II:
The Sicilian Vespers 3.3
Medieval II Total War - Kingdoms expansion required.

ChivII: SV 3.0 base install required

Install order: Chivalry II:SV 3.0 properly installed + Patch Chivalry II:SV 3.3 + HotFix2.

HotFix2 - This is a required HotFix.


Changelog SV 3.3:
- Hotseat mode now fully playable for grand and custom campaigns.
- Added XAI Campaign and Battle AI.
- Muslim Factions Reskin.
- Serbian Reskin.
- Levy/AOR Reskin.
- Russian Reskin.
- Mongols Reskin.
- Cuman/Kipcak Reskin.
- Darkage Anglo-Saxon Reskin.
- Darkage Danish Reskin.
- Partial implementation of CBUR Byzantine units.
- Added Slave Markets, and Ghulam units to Muslim factions.
- Tweaked the Combat Balancing System (toned down Cavalry, stiffened spear units).
- Tweaked Economic System (ports, trade, added settlements within castle)

Changelog SV 3.2:
- Fixed bug causing Late Era campaign not to start.
- Updated Siculo-Norman General/Captain battle model (Armed with Axe).
- Corrected some misnamed units.

Changelog SV 3.1:
- Added Norman Milites.
- Added Norman Sergents
- Added Norman Sergent Archers
- Updated Siculo-Norman General/Captain battle model (Armed with Mace).
- Added Upgrades for AOR levy units
- Reskinned AOR Levy Units
- Added "Monasteries" to maintain base religion in provinces.
- Increased populations of Palermo, Baghdad, and Cordoba.
- Adjusted unrest levels in Russian Steppe.
- Adjusted Cyprus starting position in Late.
- Adjusted Benevento Darkage starting situation.
- Add square formation back to Phalanx units (pike).
- Added Soupdragons Stone Watchtower.

The following bugs have been corrected:
- False Positive Virus report in launcher.
- Mangonel Barrel projectile invisible.
- Danish Darkage battle general/captain invisible.
- No victory conditions for Moravia in DA campaign.
- Faction selection screen says Europe 1080 A.D. across top.
- Magyar Archers unlocalized in early/high era.
- Inconsistent governor titles between eras (vernacular vs english).
- Inconsistent province names between eras (vernacular vs english).
- Permanent stone fort cost not updated.
- Incorrect AOR hidden resources in Anatoilia.
- Trick riding Anglo-Saxon captains/general.
- Serb Darkage bodyguard Magnates, but should be Druzhina.
- Fixed AS Trebuchet in campaign script.
- Citadels not buildable.
- Fixed inability to build Chuches in some areas.
- Lowed Pirate spawn level.
- Fixed new Sicilian Banners not showing up in battle mode.
- Fixed CTD stopping darkage progression to later ages (DA playable all the way to the renaissance)

Changelog SV 3.0:
- Added Darkage Campaign
- Added High Era Campaign
- Reworked Renaissance Era Campaign
- New factions: Jerusalem, Latin Empire
- Added Pseudo-Factions: Wallachia, Georgia, Khazars, Great Moravia
- New units
- New Faction Symbols, and Coats of Arms
- Updated "AI only" Garrison script, general scripts
- Implemented new Feudal AOR system
- Implemented new Crusades system
- Added Real Horses Mod
- Added New Strat Castles Mod
- Permanent stone forts
- Boiling Oil
- Control AI Reinforcements
- Added Lusted's Battle AI

Changelog SV 2.5:
- New units, faction/unit recolouring, & reskinning
- Garrison script, general scripts
- Map, start situation updates (balancing, historical corrections ... new regions)
- historically based win conditions
- Mercenary pool balancing
- Custom Unit balancing
- Tech-tree balancing
- "Dynamic" events like faction promotions (ie. duchy becomes kingdom at historical date)
- Name and description changes (ie. factions, settlements/regions)
- Graphical elements overhaul (ie. COA's)
- New traits and ancillaries (plus adjustments on the incl. BBB content)
- Economy system (special buildings, map infrastructure, traits&ancies)
- New building strings (incl. a ZoC)
- New recruitment system (incl. a ZoR)

Changelog SV 2.0:
- Compatible with the M2tW 1.02 Patch
- Bugfixing
- Added Three new factions (Armenia, Serbia, Bulgaria)
- Added BD Heraldry v1.0 (now we have titles for all regions)
- Removed Darth Diplomacy/Campaign War AI pack version 2.5
- Removed Darth Formations M2TW Version 4.5 War Pack
- Added Ultimate AI 1.5

v1.2 (Patch):
- Includes everything from th v1.1 patch.
- Fixes the Island of Chios (Lesbos).
- Fixed invisible dismounted feudal knights for rebels.
- Added new banners for Denmark.
- Fixed CoA for new factions on Middle Eastern UI interface.
- Some Ilkhanate & Golden Horde Units have 0 upkeep cost.
- Some Ilkhanate settlements inhibit movement.
- Angevin Dismounted Feudal Knights using wrong model.
- More historical units names for the Ottomans.
- General balancing for more historic outcome.

v1.1 (Patch):
- Fixed CTD caused by Mercenary Spearmen
- Made Aragonese & Dismounted Aragonese Knights recruitable by Aragon.
- Removed incorrect Archer Militia from Russia in descr_strat


- SicilianVespers Launcher menu, for era configuration.


- Darkage (Custom) Campaign start date of 888 A.D. (Beta 0.01)

- Playable Factions:

{TIMURIDS}Khazar Khaganate
{VENICE}Serenìxima Repùblica Vèneta
{SICILY}Principatus Beneventum
{MILAN}Regnum Italicum
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Danmarkar Ríki
{EGYPT}Amiraa al-Aghlabiyya
{SCOTLAND}Regnum Scotiæ
{MONGOLS}Peçenek Hanligi
{TURKS}Khalifah al-‘Abbasiyun
{FRANCE}Regnum Francorum Occidentalis
{HRE}Regnum Francorum Orientalis
{ENGLAND}Regnum Saxonum Occidentalis
{PORTUGAL}Regnum Navarrae
{POLAND}Województwo Polanie
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Metz Hayk
{SERBIA}Velika Županija Raška
{BULGARIA}Bulgar Sarakt
{MOORS}Khalifah al-Umayyah
{RUSSIA}Rhos Khaganate
{SPAIN}Regnum Asturorum
{HUNGARY}Magyar Törzsek
{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius
{SAXONS}Regnum Burgundiae
{NORMANS}Comitatus Barcelona
{ANTIOCH}Velká Morava
{JERUSALEM}Regnum Lotharingiae

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius


- Early Era (Custom) Campaign start date of 1080

- Playable Factions:

{VENICE}Serenìxima Repùblica Vèneta
{SICILY}Ducato di Apulia, Calabria, e Sicilia
{MILAN}Compagna Communis Genuensis
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Regnum Daniæ
{EGYPT}Khalifah al-Fatimiyyun
{SCOTLAND}Regnum Scotiæ
{MONGOLS}Kipçak Hanligi
{TURKS}Selçuklular Saltanat
{FRANCE}Regnum Franciæ
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Regnum Angliæ
{PORTUGAL}Condado de Portucale
{POLAND}Regnum Poloniæ
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Principatus Armeniæ
{SERBIA}Velika Županija Raška
{BULGARIA}Balgarsko Tsarstvo
{MOORS}Imaarah al-Murabitun
{RUSSIA}Kyivskaya Velikiy Kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Regnum Castiliæ
{HUNGARY}Regnum Hungariæ
{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius
{SAXONS}Comté d'Anjou
{NORMANS}Comtat de Barcelona

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius


- High (Custom) Campaign start date of 1212 A.D.

- Playable Factions:

{VENICE}Serenìxima Repùblica Vèneta
{SICILY}Regnum Siciliæ
{MILAN}Compagna Communis Genuensis
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Regnum Daniæ
{EGYPT}Saltanat al-Ayyubiyyun
{SCOTLAND}Regnum Scotiæ
{MONGOLS}Altan Ordyn Uls
{TURKS}Rum Selçuklular Saltanat
{FRANCE}Regnum Franciæ
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Regnum Angliæ
{PORTUGAL}Regnum Portugaliæ
{POLAND}Regnum Poloniæ
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Regnum Armeniæ
{SERBIA}Velika Županija Raška
{BULGARIA}Balgarsko Tsarstvo
{MOORS}Khalifah al-Muwahhidun
{RUSSIA}Vladimiro-Suzdalskoye kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Regnum Castiliæ
{HUNGARY}Regnum Hungariæ
{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius
{SAXONS}Comté d'Anjou
{NORMANS}Corona Aragonæ
{ANTIOCH}Imperium Romaniæ
{JERUSALEM}Regnum Hierosolymitanum

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius


- Late Era (Grand) Campaign start date of 1311

- Playable Factions:

{VENICE}Serenìxima Repùblica Vèneta
{SICILY}Regnum Siciliæ
{MILAN}Repùblica di Genua
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{DENMARK}Regnum Daniæ
{SCOTLAND}Regnum Scotiæ
{MONGOLS}Altan Ordyn Uls
{TURKS}Osmânli Beyliki
{FRANCE}Regnum Franciæ
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Regnum Angliæ
{PORTUGAL}Regnum Portugaliæ
{POLAND}Regnum Poloniæ
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Regnum Armeniæ
{SERBIA}Srbsko Carstvo
{BULGARIA}Balgarsko Tsarstvo
{RUSSIA}Vladimiro-Suzdalskoye kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Regnum Castiliæ
{HUNGARY}Regnum Ungariæ
{SAXONS}Regnum Neapolis
{NORMANS}Corona Aragonæ

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius


- Renaissance Era (Custom) Campaign start date of 1395 (Beta 0.01)

- Playable Factions:

{TIMURIDS}Timuriyan Gurkani
{VENICE}Serenìxima Repùblica Vèneta
{SICILY}Regnu di Sicilia
{MILAN}Repùblica di Genua
{PAPAL_STATES}Patrimonium Sancti Petri
{EGYPT}Saltanat al-Mamalik
{SCOTLAND}Rìoghachd na Alba
{MONGOLS}Altan Ordyn Uls
{TURKS}Osmânli Imparatorlugu
{FRANCE}Royaume de France
{HRE}Sacrum Imperium Romanum
{ENGLAND}Kingdom of England
{PORTUGAL}Reino de Portucale
{POLAND}Królestwo Polski i Litewskiego
{BYZANTIUM}Basileia ton Romaion
{ARMENIA}Sakartvelos Samepho
{SERBIA}Srbsko Carstvo
{BULGARIA}Tara Româneasca
{MOORS}Saltanat al-Watasiyun
{RUSSIA}Moskovskoe Velikiy Kniazhestvo
{SPAIN}Reino de Castilla y León
{HUNGARY}Magyar Királyság
{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius
{SAXONS}Regno di Napoli
{NORMANS}Corona d'Aragó
{ANTIOCH}Principato di Achaia
{JERUSALEM}Royaume de Chypre

- Non-Playable Factions:

{SLAVE}Terrae Nullius


- Regions & Provinces map v2.1 Custom (used as Base)

- some new provinces include:


- 6 new factions:

The Catalans
The Angevins
The Armenians
The Bulgarians
The Serbians
The Cumans
The Crusaders
The Latins

- 4 new pseudo-factions (shared faction slots, with faction dependent colors, banners, and CoA's)

The Wallachians
The Moravians
The Khazars
The Georgians

- Ultimate AI 1.5 (used as Base)

- Blood, Broads, & Bastards v2.0+ (used as Base)

- DB Heraldry for Regions & Provinces (used as Base)
Heraldry for all regions
New ancillary images
Royal titles for faction, King of ... (non-transferable)
Other transferable royal titles, for example:
- King of Bohemia
- Duke of Burgundy
- King of Jerusalem
- and more...
Caliph titles:
- Caliph of Cairo
- Caliph of Bagdad
- Caliph of Cordoba

- Byzantium Armor Progression V 0.7

- Burrek's Knights & Knaves 0.9 5

- Eternal Turk Reskin 1.1

- Horsearchers Effects & Skymods

- Kings Banner Mod 2.0

- Orders Mod 1.2

- Real Horse Mod

- New Strat Castles Mod

- Riczu's strat siege models

- Character Names Project (Partially Implemented)

- Ornamentum Mod (Partially Implemented)

- Lusted's Battle AI


- Install MTW II
- Install Kingdoms
· IMPORTANT: Make sure there is no old SicilianVespers folder in your Medieval II Total War folder before attempting to install (Uninstall or Delete them)
· Not save compatible with SV 2.5 or earlier versions
· Your original M2TW files will not be changed, SV 3.0 creates a seperate installation path which includes nearly all changed files: except a necessary new small folder SicilianVespers in the standard data path, and the vanilla .SD files in data\ui.
· Execute file SicilianVespers_3.0_Install.exe and enter the correct path for the installation
Example: C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War
· The automatic setup creates a desktop icon and an uninstall option
- To start the game doubleclick
on the The Chivalry II desktop icon
or the Launch_SicilianVespers.bat in the path C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War (default may have changed this to your custom path during installation)


- The "Era Selection" menu is used to prepare the game files for whichever era you are playing in.
- You should use these option until a "Dynamic" event occurs.


- The "In-Game Event Selection" menu should be used when an in-game event instructs you to do so.
- These "Dynamic" events allow us to change faction names based historic events.


The Team

Mod Creator and sole developer of 'The Sicilian Vespers' (SV) 1.x/2.0: SicilianVespers

Since the development of higher versions than SV 2.0:

Core Team Members

# SicilianVespers - Mod Leader, Main Developer.
Coding, scripting, mapping, skinning, implementing of sub/mini-mods, moderating, producing setups

# DaVinci - Semi-Retired, Main Developer.
Coding, balancing, managing beta testing, moderating

Extended Team, betatesting/consulting, and partially modding

# Argent Implementation of XAI, 2D Art.
# Lorre - currently inactive, focus faction consultant: Genoa
# Drtad - currently inactive, focus faction consultant: Armenia
# Ermeni - currently inactive, focus faction consultant: Armenia
# Drak - currently inactive, eventually a skinner/modeller in future
# the Celt - currently inactive, eventually a skinner in future
# Palatinae - in future available for testing plus eventually additional modding
# Armenios - currently inactive, faction consultant: Armenia
# Karo - currently inactive, testing
# Basileos - currently inactive, focus faction consultant: Byzantines

Sincerest thanks to all the folks who have contributed to "Chivalry II: The Sicilian Vespers":

- DaVinci: Creator of the "Chivalry" Style Combat & Campaign Balancing system.
- Chivalry: Total War I Team
- Argent Usher: Real Horse & Camels, 2D Art, XAI Implementation.
- Xeryx: XAI Implementation.
- DisgruntledGoat: Byzantine & Anglo-Saxon Skins textures (partial implementation).
- Rusichi Team: Russian, Mongols and Kipcak models/textures (partial implementation).
- CBUR Team: Byzantine models/textures (partial implementation).
- Almogaver: Catalan/Aragonese research.
- m.minkov: Bulgaria: Total War for the Bulgarian names.
- Sb2ean: Regions & Provinces mod 2.1 (used as Base).
- Ramtha: Renaissance Total War.
- Zephrelial: For his excellent mods.
- Dearmad & Pnutmaster: Blood, Broads, & Bastards v1.9 (used as Base).
- WhiteWolf: Byzantium Armor Progression V 0.7.
- Burrek: Knights and Knaves v0.95.
- Himmelsfeuer: Retextured French Shields.
- Zhukov: France Coat of Arms and banner Fix (modified).
- Boicote: Portvcale v0.2.
- Salty: Italian Shields Mod.
- Ziher: Spain shields retexture.
- Eternal Cocoon: Eternal Turk Reskin 1.1.
- alpaca: .sd converter, provincial campaign pack.
- Repman: For his help with 1.02 patch.
- Baldfridu: K.K's Battle Banners for M2TW.
- Billydilly: DB Heraldry for Regions & Provinces (used as Base).
- ARMENIOS: Armenian Advisor.
- Drtad: Armenian Advisor.
- Ermeni: Armenian Advisor.
- GrandViZ: Ultimate AI 1.5.
- Joedreck: Kings Banner Mod.
- Ralendil: Orders Mod 1.2.
- Argent Usher: Real Horse Mod.
- Agart: New Strat Castles Mod.
- Riczu: New strat siege models.
- Mather: Matherian Huscarls (used as Hirdmenn).
- Ornamentum Team.
- B.A.L.T.S. Team.
- Soupdragon: Stone Watchtower.
- Tzar: Wallachian Banners.
- Lord Condormanius - New Strat Captain Models (Base for complete reskin)
- Ferrum Aeternum Team: Units packs (Partial implementation, Zanj Mercenaries, Abid al-SHira shields, etc..)

Download SicilianVespers_3.3.exe