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    Standart Sid Meier's Pirates! (2005/RUS/ENG/RePack)

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    Sid Meier's Pirates! (2005/RUS/ENG/RePack by Mishqa)

    PC Game | Developer: Firaxis Games | Publisher: Atari | 608 MB
    Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / Arcade / 3D / Privateer / Trader
    XVII century. The era that produced many legends and became the basis for a set of historical novels. Time when the vast seas reigned supreme noble pirates. You can be one of them to live rough, filled with bright colors of life, and go down in history as the most famous, successful and gallant pirate captain. Retrieve currently ship to taste, type of desperate thugs - and go in search of wealth, fame and adventure!

    . Simulation of pirate life - one of the most famous and popular projects, the legendary Sid Meier.
    . Huge, detailed world, non-linear storyline and almost complete freedom of action.
    . 27 types of warships with the ability to upgrade naval guns, sails, and armor.
    . Spectacular sea battles and a variety of opponents: merchant ships, pirate ships, and military - each with a peculiar tactics and weaponry.
    . Hurricane duel with swords, fights in the taverns and battles during boarding combat.
    . pirate raids in the city, a treasure hunt, seduction beautiful women and much, much more!
    System requirements
    . Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP;
    . Processor: Intel T 1 GHz or equivalent
    . Memory: 256 MB
    . Video card: GeForce 3 class video card or Radeon 8500
    . Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0c
    . Hard disk: 1.4 Gb
    Features RePack
    . Do not cut / no recoded to a lower bitrate
    . Run through the shortcut on the desktop and Start menu
    . Time propulsion 7-10 minutes (depend on PC!)
    . Installation requires 1.4 GB of disk space
    . Home Game (Russian version) 1.0 / Game Version (English version) 1.02
    . The game was tested on Windows XP SP3
    Click below to DOWNLOAD

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