Sandbox action game Sleeping Dogs received new update, so it is recommended to download this new +20 trainer released by LinGon which brings many interesting cheats: super health, max stamina, infinite money, infinite ammo, one hit kill, super speed, bullet time, time elapse alteration, no detection, reset detection, hard mode, harder mode, extreme mode, set melee level points, set face level points, set cops level points, set triad level points, store location, teleport, undo teleportation, teleport to a waypoint location.


This cheat is for the Steam 2.1.435919 version of the game Sleeping Dogs.

Trainer Options:

Home ~ Enable Codes
F1 ~ Super Health
F2 ~ Max Stamina
F3 ~ Infinite Money
F4 ~ Super Speed
F5 ~ Super Damage/One Hit Kill
F6 ~ Bullet Time
F7 ~ Time Elapse Alteration
F8 ~ Infinite Ammo
F9 ~ No Detection
F10 ~ Reset Detection
Number 1 ~ Hard Mode
Number 2 ~ Harder Mode
Number 3 ~ Extreme Mode
Number 7 ~ Set Cops Level Points
Number 8 ~ Set Triad Level Points
Number 9 ~ Set Melee Level Points
Number 0 ~ Set Face Level Points
Page Up ~ Instant Waypoint Travel
Page Down ~ Return from Waypoint
Numpad 0 ~ Store Location
Numpad 2 ~ Teleport
Numpad 3 ~ Undo Teleportation

Additional Info:

F1 – Keeps you alive and well.
F2 – Sets your stamina to maximum all the time.
F3 – Gives you a lot of money to spend.
F4 – Lets you run faster than before.
F5 – You’ll be able to do some real damage and to destroy enemies with one hit.
F6 – Gives you that Matrix slowmotion effect.
F7 – Not sure what this do.
F8 – Grants you an infinite amount of ammo for all your weapons.
F9 – The police won’t bother you anymore.
F10 – If you get detected and want to be left alone, use this to reset any alert.
Number Keys 7,8,9,0 – Enable and enter the Upgrade menu.
Number Keys 1,2,3 – Increases game’s difficulty.


Before using below options, make sure to enable the “Super Health” option.
Page Up – Lets you instantly teleport to a waypoint location. Enter the map to set a waypoint, than press the key 2 times. Be aware that you can’t set a waypoint anywhere, or you might end up under the game world or somewhere you should not be. In that case press the below hotkey to return to a previous location.
Page Down – Return to a previous location.